MSU Public Safety Training Center


The concept of a centrally located continuing education training center grew out of the need for area agencies to access an increased amount of courses, while spending less money on travel to over-night training locations. The increase in POST continuing-education hours left many departments needing to access more training opportunities, without an increase in cost for those hours. This led us (Missouri State University) to explore the possibility of meeting this need, while also lowering the cost to individual municipalities. Additionally, we discovered a need for the advanced, tactical, and specialty training traditionally only available in Kansas City and St. Louis.

Through multiple course offerings, shift-oriented scheduling, cooperative funding, and nationwide instructor connections, we will meet the need and support the increased sophistication of partner agencies.


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The Public Safety Training Center will provide the following services to any law enforcement officer, fire fighter, or EMT/First Responder in the state:

•          The 24 hour POST continuing-education requirement

•          Unlimited basic and advanced training hours to contract partners

•          Affordable course pricing for non-contract partners

•          Annual tracking of individual hours accrued, with monthly reporting to agency Chief

•          Specifically requested courses and topics

•          Flat-rate funding, and web-based course scheduling and enrollment

•          Innovative, advanced, specialty, supervisory, and certifying courses

•          Higher-education bachelor’s and master’s degree options

•          Access to every applicable course through our live/interactive online technology

The PSTC includes a large defensive tactics/tactical exercise training room, robust range for live-fire training, and the ability to house simulated munitions and stress-elevated practical scenarios.