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Returning Full Force: Advanced Sports Rehabilitation for the Lower Body

Returning Full Force:
Advanced Sports Rehabilitation for the Lower Body

November 3-4, 2012
Saturday, 8am-5pm and Sunday, 8am-4pm

This two-day course features comprehensive instruction in the bio-mechanical and neural control principles that permit us to run, jump and cut; and how these principles can be best used to maximize the outcome in rehabilitation for sports and exercise. Included in the course are hands-on lab activities which will demonstrate neural control principles, the effect of surface on sports activities, the use of plyometrics in sports training and rehabilitation, and examples of rehabilitation activities and sport specific programs which a sports rehabilitiation professional could apply.

Introducing: Functional Integration and 3-D BODY LASER! 
This innovative approach uses fundamental and advanced strength training principles in a system designed to incorporate and integrate the injured body part back into the entire body, emphasizing a pattern of neurological progression and proper biomechanics. In addition, it promotes creativity for designing rehabilitation programs and manipulating any exercise to either decrease or increase its intensity and difficulty.

The material for this course is intended to apply to patients preparing to return to full activity after lower body injury and/or surgery, rather than very acute stages of rehabilitiation.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe biomechanical variables characteristic of running and jumping in different scenarios, as well as variables characteristic of direction changes.
  • Describe the relative contribution of ligament, bone and muscle to providing sufficient joint stiffness to enable the lower body activities required for sports and exercise.
  • Name the types and mechanisms of lower body injuries frequently associated with various sports and recreational activities.
  • Given a particular anatomical impairment, design a rehabilitation progression appropriate to protect the injured region and return the athlete to premorbid function.
  • Implement a battery of progressive functional tests designed to assess athletic capabilities.
  • Design an advanced and progressive rehabilitation regimen specific to a particular role in a sport or recreational activity.


$200 group registration • $240 individual registration • $140 student registration

Faculty and Staff Noncredit Fee Waiver Approved!
-Please contact Cody Brewington for fee waiver details. (417-836-8974)

Our Presenters:


James Hackney, Pt, PhD worked as a clinician primarily with sports and orthopedic patients for 20 years before completing a PhD in kinesiology from the University of Minnesota in 2007. His doctoral research investigated the biomechnical effects of ACL reconstruction on running, and his research continues to be focused on gait. James is Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy at Missouri State University where he is a course director for biomechanics, and is the primary faculty resource person for sports physical therapy.


Mark Coalson, MSPT, OCS serves a dual role as both manager and clinician at St. John's Outpatient Physical Therapy in Nixa. Mark graduated in 1995 with his BA in Kinesiology and, in 1998, his Master of Science from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Services in Des Moines, Iowa. Mark's career has revolved around orthopedics. He earned his Orthopedic Certified Specialist credentials while practicing with St. John's.