Agency Cost

The PSTC offers both contract and non-contract rates for training.

Contract Rates

$250 per year, per officer
This rate guarantees the 24 hour POST continuing-education minimum, and also an unlimited amount of training hours/courses above and beyond 24 hours.

Please note: Some courses may require an additional equipment or service fee, which will be provided at a reduced rate for individuals under contract. For agencies under contract, the PSTC will track the hours for all employed officers and will enter hours into the CLEE tracking system.

Non-Contract Rates

PSTC courses will be available at a per-course rate to all individuals/agencies not under a training contract. The rate for a basic classroom course is $60 for a 4 hour course; $120 for an 8 hour course. Courses longer than 8 hours will be priced at $15 per hour per attendee. Some courses may be priced above this basic rate if additional equipment and/or instructor’s fees are accrued.

To register:

Agencies under contract should contact:

Cody Brewington, Noncredit Program Coordinator


Agencies without a contract should:

Visit Missouri State University Noncredit Programs website to register. Payments can be made through the website at the time of registry.