Agency Cost

The PSTC offers both contract and non-contract rates for training.

Contract Rates

$250 per year, per officer
This rate guarantees the 24 hour POST continuing-education minimum, and also an unlimited amount of training hours/courses above and beyond 24 hours.

Please note: Some courses may require an additional equipment or service fee, which will be provided at a reduced rate for individuals under contract. For agencies under contract, the PSTC will track the hours for all employed officers and will provide monthly training reports to the agency Chief and/or training official.

Non-Contract Rates

PSTC courses will be available at a per-course rate to all individuals/agencies not under a training contract. The rate for a basic classroom course is $60 for a 4 hour course; $120 for an 8 hour course. Courses longer than 8 hours will be priced at $15 per hour per attendee. Some courses may be priced above this basic rate if additional equipment and/or instructor’s fees are accrued.

To register:

Agencies under contract should contact:

Cody Brewington, Noncredit Program Coordinator


Agencies without a contract should:

Visit Missouri State University Noncredit Programs website to register. Payments can be made through the website at the time of registry.