Summer Bridge Math Program

Missouri State Summer Bridge Math Program offers an enjoyable, engaging way to keep your student’s math skills fresh over the summer. Each class, targeted for 1st through 8th grades, focuses on the key math topics covered during a school year. Our dedicated, friendly instructors provide a fun, caring classroom experience to ensure that your student gets the most out of each live-online class session.

Missouri State Summer Bridge Math classes offer:

Expert instruction. Our highly experienced instructors (who have spent years in the classroom) will provide a friendly, interactive classroom experience.

Sound curriculum. We choose the topics for each class to align with widely-used math standards to ensure that your students spend class time developing the skillset education experts have identified as central to math mastery at each grade level.

Fun, engaging tasks. Your students will interact with the virtual classroom by writing on class slides and manipulating objects on the screen.

Pre-recorded versions of class sessions. The content of each session is available for viewing 24 hours a day so that your students can go back and review topics that they may find challenging.

Out-of-class practice problems. We provide supplemental exercises so that your students can gain additional practice with each session’s topics to reinforce what they have learned.

Easy-to-access online learning portal. Your students can join live class sessions via their browser; no special software applications are required. For the best experience, students should access class on a laptop or desktop computer. Some sessions may include opportunities to participate via webcam or microphone, but microphones and webcams are not required.

Who would take the Missouri State Summer Bridge Math Program?

The Missouri State Summer Bridge Math Program is ideal for students who want to stay engaged during the summer either to reinforce the learning gains made during the previous year, or as a preview of the math topics they will face in the upcoming year.

Choose from the two class schedules that works best for your students:

  • A six-week schedule that offers two class sessions each week.
  • Or a three-week schedule that offers 4 sessions each week.

Each Summer Bridge Math class includes the following:

  • 12 sessions of expert instruction.
  • A classroom led by an experienced, caring teacher.
  • A sound curriculum that targets the key math skills of a particular grade.
  • Access to content recordings for review outside of class time.
  • Additional practice exercises.

Choose your student's grade level to register